Sociology Assignment Help Short Examples: Quest for Power

The quest for power has substantially dominated the world since time in memorial (Griffin, 2009). Taking this into consideration, the quest for power is something that many people work tireless to attain. There are many researchers who have indicated that attaining power is one of the methods of measuring success, as well a means of furthering that success.

Whether power is achieved through personal sources, belief, fear, or association, the way which an individual or a nation conducts itself usually convey the presence of power.  Political power usually takes into consideration deliberate attempts by individuals or groups to maintain or increase their existing level of power (Lawford, 2002).  In this regards, it typically encompasses a wide range of actions for the purpose of gaining influence or control over the process of decision making as per our sociology assignment help experts.  Alliances as well as coalitions are usually formed as part of the political process, and they normally involve deliberate attempts of undermining those opposing the coalition (Griffin, 2009).

Quest for power has been proven to bring a lot of instability in the world, rather than progress. For instance, the quest for power for Germany led to the World War I. This is in the sense that Germany wanted to become the superpower. Taking this into account, Germany has a substantial determination of becoming the most powerful nation in the world. It did this through crippling Russia as well as France in what it hoped would be a decisive and brief war Similar to the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 (Heyman, 2007).  It is through this quest for power than led to the death of over 9 million soldiers and 7 million civilians (Marshall, 2001).  This indicates how the quest for power can result to significant instability.



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