Things to know about Nursing as a profession

Nursing Essay Writing HelpNursing as a Profession

The profession of Nursing is only focused on the care of individuals or families or communities with an aim of attaining, maintaining or recovering optimal health and the quality of life. The profession of Nursing is based on the authority of a single contract which describes or portrays the professional rights and responsibilities along with mechanisms for public accountability. The entrance to this profession is controlled by the national or state level. Maintaining the credentials, code of ethics and standards while still ensuring quality care of the individuals is one of the main focuses of the Nursing profession. The roads of education for Nursing are different and vary greatly all over the world.

Things to know about Nursing are discussed briefly in Nursing Assignment Help as below: –

  • Nurses don’t have restrictions on age i.e. the profession of Nursing takes to care for all the individuals irrespective of their ages and cultural background.
  • The education leading to the profession of Nursing includes extensive study of nursing theory and practice in nursing theory as well as in clinical skills.
  • Physical science, nursing theory, social science and technology in caring for the individuals are the combinations of Nursing Profession. The nurses hold an achievement depending on their scope of practice and education also plays an important role in this.
  • The Nurses have to take up the National Licensure Examination test which is a multiple choice exam and it examines the ability of the individual to properly care for a client.

The scope of nursing in Today’s World

These days the Nursing as a profession has developed a lot for good as compared to the Nursing of the previous generation. Moreover, the demand for nurses has also increased all over the world. There are staff nurses who provide direct care to the patients and are also answerable to the ward supervisor for the assistance they perform in the ward management and supervision. The ward supervisor is a career where they are answerable to the nursing superintendent. They aim for the nursing care and safety of award or unit. The profession of Nursing has been very alluring with heavy salaries and maximum opportunities.

Nursing Essay Writing Help discusses most of the scopes of Nursing below: –

Apart from staff nurse and nursing supervisor, the profession of nursing also provides scope for the assistant superintendent or department supervisor who works under the nursing superintendent and deputy nursing superintendent. They have the responsibility of managing more than one unit or ward and of the nursing care. The deputy nursing superintendents work under the nursing superintendents and help the nursing superintendents in the administration of nursing of the hospital. When discussed reproductive child health program, community health nurses come into action to serve their duty. It is known that the nurses do not have the authority to prescribe medicines but there are exceptions that can do so.

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