Tips to write an effective English Essay

English Essay Writing Help

To write a perfect essay in English it is important to gain command of the English language. We know English speaking skills and writing a paragraph or introduction in English is two different things. Students often face difficulty in forming the proper structure of essays in English and thereby fail to submit their essay work on time. The essay is a lengthy task; the tips provided in this article will help the students to break down it into manageable parts.

One can find easy steps to write good English essay by referring English Essay Writing Help A Few tips on writing an effective English essay is discussed below: –

  • Selection of topic- The basic step while writing an essay is the selection of topics. If the topic is already assigned then the next step is to think about the content to be added. If the topic is not assigned then an interesting or relevant topic must be selected.
  • Preparation of outline- It means organizing thoughts one wants to write in the essay. It is usually the rough work in the form of diagrams and outlines.
  • Writing an introduction- the most important part of an essay is its introductory part. The writer should write it short and relevant so as to attract reader’s attention.
  • Writing the body- The body of the essay could be descriptive, argumentative or explanatory depending upon the type of topic selected.
  • Writing the conclusion- It is the closure of the topic. The concluding part of the essay should sum up all the ideas in respect to the topic. It should not include arguments or explanations that have already been discussed in the body.
  • Addition of finishing touch- After writing the conclusion, it is important to proofread the whole essay. Alterations could be made if required.

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