Types of Financial Ratios in Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help

The process of calculating financial ratios in order to compare two or more businesses is known as financial ratio analysis. This analysis tool compares the financial statements of different companies and gives the result. The different types of financial ratios explained in Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help are listed below: –

Liquidity Ratios- Some important liquidity ratios are- acid test ratio, current ratio, cash ratio and cash conversion cycle. Acid test ratio is also known as a quick ratio because it uses quick assets of a company to determine that company’s ability to pay short-term obligations. Current ratios make use of current assets to determine the ability of the company to pay short-term obligations.

Profitability Ratios- Some important profitability ratios include gross profit margin, net profit margin, return on assets, operating profit margin, return on equity, earnings per share and return on capital employed. These ratios are used to measure the profit that a business can earn for its owners.

Leverage Ratios-Different types of leverage ratios are- equity ratio, debt ratio, times interest earned and debt-equity ratio. Leverage ratios are used to determine the ability of a company to pay its long-term debt.

Management Efficiency Ratios- Important management efficiency ratios are- inventory turnover, accounts payable turnover, receivable turnover, days payable outstanding, days inventory outstanding, total asset turnover, operating cycle, etc. These ratios are used to evaluate how a company is using its assets and liabilities.

Topics covered under Marketing Management Assignment:

At Marketing Management Assignment, our experts have given their best to cover all the topics related to marketing management. Some of these topics are discussed below: –

Brand Management- A brand is the representation of the company’s position and identity and it could include design, logo, merchandise and other feature as well. Thus, the handling and management of all the characteristics of a brand are known as brand management. It is an important concept studied in marketing management.

Customer Relationship Management-It is a strategy followed by many companies to manage and strengthen relationships with the customer. It is used for productivity, sales management, contact management, etc. It can be improved by spreading awareness, providing exciting offers and asking for feedback from the existing customers. To know more about marketing management, please refer our website.

Pricing Management-It involves a strategy that helps the management to arrive at optimal pricing decisions. The management of this strategy is known as pricing management. This task is carried out by the marketing managers. Various pricing strategies include economy pricing, premium pricing, skimming strategy and penetration pricing.

Product Management- It is an important concept covered under marketing management studies. It can be defined as a management structure that manages and handles all the activities related to manufacturing, developing, advertising and selling of a product. It deals with a product which comprises of both goods and services. Various levels of product are- core product, basic product, expected product, augmented product and potential product.

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