Basic Objectives of Financial Management

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Financial management is the management of all financial activities that includes processes such as planning, directing, organizing and controlling. In other words, it can be defined as the application of general management principles to financial activities of the enterprise. The basic objectives of financial management have been highlighted in the Financial Management Assignment. Some of them are given below: –

  • One of the main objectives of financial management is to maximize the wealth of shareholders. It is a great approach that aims at the growth of the organization.
  • To cut down additional and unnecessary costs for effective utilization of funds. It will reduce the wastage of funds in useless assets.
  • To ensure that sufficient amount of funds is available at the time of need. It is an important step that must be taken by the management for a sound financial condition of the business.

Functions of Financial Management:

Financial management plays a crucial role in business and has numerous functions. The various functions of financial management have been discussed in the Financial Management Assignment. Some of them are mentioned below: –

Investment of Funds- It is the task of financial manager to allocate and invest funds into profitable ventures in order to ensure the safety of funds in the investment.

Estimation of Capital Requirement- the capital requirement is estimated according to the profits, expected costs and future policies of a firm. An adequate estimation is necessary for the growth of the firm.

Management of Cash- financial managers have to make decisions regarding cash management. The management of cash is required for many purposes like raw materials, maintenance of stock, wages and salaries, creditors, bills, etc.

Financial Control- it is important of financial management. It can be done through techniques like financial forecasting, ratio analysis, cost and profit control, etc.

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Nursing and its characteristics in Present Scenario

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As we already know nursing is a noble profession and requires strong determination towards the job. Nurses work in medical clinics, hospitals, assist physicians with medical procedures and thus are an important part of a medical team. Some characteristics of nursing discussed in Nursing Assignment Help are given below: –

  • Job Description- The duties of nurses differ according to the job setting. Nurses are needed in hospital 24 hours per day and so they could work day or night. Some nurses work in shifts like four 10-hours or three 12-hours. In a medical clinic, the job of a nurse is to handle intake information for patient appointments, perform vital sign tests, prepare examination rooms for patient appointments and give vaccinations.
  • Educational Qualification Requirement- A person can become a nurse by earning a Bachelor of Science Degree or an Associate Degree in Nursing. Some common nursing courses include pathophysiology, health assessment, pharmacology, progressive nursing practice, mental health, etc. In order to become a licensed nurse, students have to pass the licensure examination following which they will be unable to apply for a state license.
  • Experience- Nurses with seniority have job protection and greater flexibility in work schedule. Nurses with years of experience are first in line for overtime opportunities.

Topics covered under Nursing Assignment Help:

Nursing is one of the toughest disciplines and students require dedicated effort to excel in these subject.  Students with limited knowledge could not comprehend the subject and fail to secure good grades. Nursing Assignment Help is the one-stop solution for high-quality homework and assignments related to nursing. Important topics in nursing include geriatrics, perioperative nursing, palliative care, health diversity, critical care nursing, patient safety, neonatal care nursing, mental health and psychiatric nursing, etc. Hence, students can avail assignment help facilities by searching over the web.

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Steps to write good English Essay

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Writing an essay can sound to be an easy task. But in reality, it can be quite tricky and can really confuse you around sometimes. So to write an essay, a student must follow some effective steps to make the essay meaningful. These steps include having some prerequisite knowledge of the topic. That improves your depth of perception of the topic. One also needs to brainstorm some ideas that can be backed up with the content to make it more understandable and compact. Now all these ideas need to be put on the paper starting from the introduction part to the main body of the article. Then finally we can conclude the essay by creating a summary of all the main ideas.

There steps to write a good English essay explained in English Essay Writing Help is given below: –

  • Prepare an outline for your ideas- When we think of writing an essay effectively, many thoughts and ideas enter our mind. So it is very important o organize these ideas. Putting those ideas on to the paper requires those ideas to be completely organized. That allows us to see things more clearly and find out the connections and links between them.
  • Write your body- Basically, all the content has to be put in the body section of the essay. Every idea that is drawn out shall be included as separate sections in the body of the essay. In the body, first, the main idea is introduced which is succeeded by supporting sentences after that. You can also provide detailed examples to back up your content.

Role of Financial Management in the organization:

All the financial activities come under the supervision of financial management. The financial management plan, organize, direct, lead and control all the financial activities going on around. Other features of financial management can be found out on Financial Management Assignment. Many financial activities such as procurement and utilization of the funds of the enterprise are carried out under financial management. General management principles are applied to the financial resources of the enterprise and other financial activities related to that.

There are many roles of financial management out of which some are given below: –

Estimation of capital requirements- The capital requirements of the company must be properly estimated by the finance manager. This will primarily depend on many major factors such as the cost, the profits, the future programmes and other policies of a particular engagement. This estimation has to be done carefully and efficiently that will make an increment in the enterprise.

Management of the cash- Another task that is performed by the finance manager is the management of the cash. He has to take some decisions that are related to the cash management that includes the reasons for the cash usage. There are many purposes for the cash management such as payment of several bills, payment of wages and salaries, purchase of raw materials, meeting to the needs of the liabilities.

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Characteristics and Features of Nursing

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Nursing can basically be described as a profession with a lot of compassion. It can be referred to as a job of both art and science that involves both the heart and mind. More data about nursing can be found out in Nursing Assignment Help. There is a difference in each of the nurse’s passions, knowledge, strengths and area of expertise. It is quite a unique experience that a nurse goes through. While attending a patient, the test results are not the only thing that the nurses analyze. Rather they use their judgement to analyze and connect the objective data with the subjective experience.

There are many important characteristics and features of nursing which are given below:

  • Empathy- Hospital is not a happy place and nobody really wishes to be there. So the patients more often than not experience a whole lot of traumatic situations. They get stressed out and at that point of time all they need is someone to empathize and it’s the nurse’s job not to treat them as some sort of burden. A nurse’s job requires her to put herself in the patient’s shoes and provide them with all the emotional and mental support they require.
  • Adaptability- Every day is not the same for a nurse since she has to attend to different kinds of patients’ altogether. And that demands a huge sense of adaptability. A nurse has to be proactive and flexible with her skills. This profession demands the nurses to be ready for all sorts of outcomes and act accordingly.

Areas of Finance in the modern world:

Finance can be referred to as the study of investments that includes the knowledge of both the assets and liabilities. More details can be found out on Finance Assignment Help. This tends to happen under different conditions of uncertainties and risks. Basically, all the money is managed through finance and hence finance is most often called money management.

There are many areas of finance out of which some are enlisted below: –

  • Financial Position- This is in relation to getting the idea of the personal resources that are available by evaluating the net worth and cash flows. Net worth can be referred to as a person’s balance sheet that is calculated by adding all the assets that come under that person’s control and then we subtract this by all the liabilities of the household. The analysis of these parameters allows one to establish personal goals and act accordingly.
  • Adequate protection- This area gives us an idea regarding the protection of a household from unforeseen risks. There are some categories of these kinds of liabilities. These are- liability, property, death, disability, long-term care and health. Out of these liabilities, many are required to purchase an insurance contract. Efficient financial management requires to protect one from these risks and to handle these risks in an efficient manner. Knowledge of market for personal insurance is required which determines the amount of insurance to get.

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Role of Accounting in National Development

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Accounting plays a crucial role in national development. It also involves other related disciplines such as financial management, cost, and management accounting, budgetary control taxation and auditing. It is not only used for decision making, but also for taxation, capital formation, economic planning, and accountability. Accounting is a vast subject and has many disciplines related to it. Accounting Homework Helper explains the various role of accounting in national and economic development. Some of the rules of accounting in national development are discussed below: –

  • Cost Savings- For an economy to grow and develop, the additional costs must be minimized. Cost and management accounting works, as the most powerful tool that helps the accountants to guide the management. One of the main roles of accountants is to give management the best advice on cost saving.
  • Preparation of Budget- Accounting plays a crucial role in the preparation of the national budget and national income. Without accounting, it would not be easy to keep a track on productive activities going on in an economy. It sets a target for the optimal utilization of the resources.
  • Preparation of Financial Statements- Financial statement is the statement prepared by the accountants which include all the business activities. Business owners can monitor the business activities by referring to the financial statements of the company.
  • Fraud Fighting- Accounting helps to monitor the activities of fraudsters.

Role of Finance in Economic Development:

Finance plays a vital role in Economic Development. It is a broad subject and has many aspects attached to it. Financial topics include managerial finance, balance sheet analysis, capital budgeting, etc. Finance Assignment Help Online explains the various role of finance in economic development. Some of the rules of finance in economic development are discussed below: –

  • The growth of Capital Market- Two types of capital is required for any business- fixed capital and working capital. As the name suggests, fixed capital is used to invest in fixed assets (plant, infrastructure, and machinery). While the working capital is used to run the day-to-day activities of the business. The main use of working capital is to purchase raw materials and convert them into finished products.
  • Development of Trade- Finance or the financial system is the basis of promotion of both domestic and foreign trade. In the financial system, there is no interaction between the seller and the buyer. All the documents related to trade are negotiated through the bank.
  • Economic Integration- There is a vital role in the financial system in promoting economic integration. And all those countries should have common economic policies, such as common trade, investment, commerce, transport coordination, employment legislation, old age pension, etc.
  • Employment Growth- the presence of the financial system in a country will give rise to more employment opportunities. The money market of the financial system provides working capital to business owners and manufacturers. Employment is also generated by various financial services like merchant banking, factoring, leasing, etc.

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Fundamental Concepts Related to Business

A business is defined as the activity of earning a living by an individual or in simple words, making money by producing or buying and selling goods or in most of the cases, services. The main thing which is very essential in starting up a business is an idea or planning. Having a great idea and translating it into a business does not require much amount of money. Lack of money can never be a hindrance to the starting of a business. Along with planning, another important thing which is necessary is passion. In some business, an individual always requiring a license and some file or paperwork has to be done. To know more about concepts related to business, refer Business Statistics Assignment Help. Expansion of the business requires the hiring the people, strategy, marketing, finance along with leadership quality and communication skills.

Role of Statistics in Business:

In business, statistics play a very important role as it has very important applications in mostly all fields of life. Statistics is a very important branch of mathematics which analyses, interprets, preserve and presents the data. There are limitless advantages of statistics in business management like the proper skill of implementation of the statistical methods, increasing the production capacity, finding out optimum production capacity, etc. Role of statistics in business can be studied in Business Statistics Assignment Help. In a business management, the manager can analyze the performance or productivity of employees through statistics. Statistics also help in collecting the data for the purpose of processing with the help of which the comparisons can be drawn. Also, statistics can be useful for the extension of the market research and product development. Another importance of statistics is that it helps the businessman to plan the production as according to the taste of the customers and the quality of the products has to be checked more efficiently.

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The Importance of Nursing Research in the Health Care Field

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Nursing Profession includes taking care of patients, administration of medicines, submission of reports and other healthcare activities. nursing Research helps nurses to continue their education so that they can contribute to key medical findings and look after patients. Nursing Research can be applied in different forms according to the topic. Conducting research in the field of nursing can be sometimes quite challenging; Nursing Research paper Writing Help provides information related to nursing research and its importance in the Health Care Field. In the field of healthcare, nursing research would lead to less disease, more vaccines, and fewer illnesses. In short, nursing would lead to a better quality of life. Nursing plays a vital role in the field of healthcare and paves the way for the betterment of people by helping them to lead a healthy lifestyle.

The nature and scope of Nursing Practice and Research

The main objective of nursing is to assist people so that they can adopt a healthy lifestyle. Nurses take care of people during illness and help them to cope with their health problems. By different ways, nursing promotes health and healing and minimizes illness. Nursing Research paper Writing Help throws light on the nature and scope of nursing research and its importance. The prime focus of nursing research is on the development and promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of illness and diseases. Nursing includes techniques that would increase the quality of life among patients. Nurses require special skills, knowledge and years of experience to excel in this field. Some of the nursing specialties include cardiac nursing, gerontology, pediatrics, mental health, post-operative nursing, pre-operative nursing and women’s health. Nursing Research also includes subjects related to biology, anatomy, chemistry, and physiology. In a nutshell, nursing is a branch or an area that is associated with multiple fields.

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