Different Types of Taxes in Taxation Homework Help

Taxation Homework Help

Taxes are imposed on corporations, individuals, organizations, personal and real properties, businesses, corporations, etc. as a mandatory fee by the State. The different types of taxes explained in Taxation Homework Help are given below: –

Sales Tax- It can be defined as a type of indirect tax that is imposed by the State. Sales tax is levied on the purchase of goods and services. Different cities/states/countries charge different amount of sales tax on food items and its percentage varies from 0 to 16%.

Income Tax- It is mandatory for every working individual and is charged on interest income, personal income, and revenue from business. Income tax is collected from every individual by internal revenue System (IRS).

Payroll Tax- It is made compulsory by the federal as well as the state governments to pay payroll taxes. It is of two types in the US- Medicare and social security tax. To know more about payroll taxes, please refer our website.

Property Tax- It is a type of tax that is charged on real estate and other properties too. The tax collected from the citizens is used to fund public services such as sanitation, colleges, schools, security, etc.

Estate Tax- It is a type of tax levied on the inherited property and is also known as inheritance tax. A maximum of 40% is charged on the property by the Federal Government.

Topics covered under Taxation Homework Help:

At Taxation Homework Help, we provide taxation homework services at a very reasonable price. Our experts cover all taxation topics including gift tax, excise tax, benefits of tax, the difference between a direct and indirect tax, luxury tax, corporate tax, a general law of taxation, value added tax, wealth tax, etc. Detailed explanations, notes and homework help on various taxation topics are provided by us.

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Major Branches of Epidemiology

Epidemiology Assignment Help

Epidemiology can be defined as a branch of medicine that is concerned with the effects and causes of diseases. A person who engages in the study of epidemiology is known as an epidemiologist. It is a vast subject and includes concepts from biology, mathematics, geography, and statistics. Epidemiologists collect information through methods such as interviewing, sampling, conducting research, surveying, etc. The major branches of epidemiology discussed in Epidemiology Assignment Help are given below: –

  • Molecular Epidemiology- This branch of epidemiology is concerned with the application of molecular biology to study various epidemiologic problems. Various molecular biology techniques such as DNA cloning, nucleic acid analysis, polymerase chain reaction, etc. are applied in this study. It is beneficial in the study of diseases caused by the viral agents.
  • Disaster Epidemiology- It is a branch of epidemiology that studies the factors that cause disasters. It is also concerned with the study to find mechanisms in order to reduce the negative health effects of that disaster. A disaster is of two types- natural and man-made. A natural disaster is caused by nature- earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, etc. Man-made disaster is caused by the loopholes, chemical and oil spills, etc. Its main objective is to generate information so that the disaster relief workers could be aware of the situation. It uses techniques such as the identification of potential diseases, the establishment of surveillance systems, etc.
  • Travel Epidemiology- It is a specific branch of epidemiology that is concerned with the health risks associated with traveling. One of the main purposes of travel epidemiology is to provide necessary health-related information so that the travelers can plan a safe journey. For example, in high altitude regions health issues like snow blindness, heat exhaustion, dehydration, frostbite, etc. is possible.

Merits and Limitations of Macroeconomics:

The merits of macroeconomics mentioned in Macroeconomics Assignment Help are as follows: –

  • With the help of the macro approach of economics, many monetary problems like unemployment, inflation, and deflation, etc. can be applied. These problems are also controlled by following an appropriate monetary policy.
  • Macroeconomics is applied to the special areas where the micro approach is not applicable. Special areas such as national income, international trade, national investment, etc. use the macro approach.
  • Macroeconomics provides an insight into our economic policies. It is useful to study and understand the problems of a developing economy like scarcity of goods, unemployment, hyperinflation, low output, overpopulation, etc.

The dynamic aspects of the economy such as aggregate supply, employment, aggregate demand, national income, etc. change from time to time. Thus, the macro approach helps us to study and understand all dynamic aspects of the economy.

Along with merits, macroeconomics has certain limitations. Some of its limitations are given below: –

  • It studies the economy as a whole and ignores the action of individual producers, individual suppliers, individual consumers, etc.
  • Statistical and conceptual complexities are involved in the measurement of macroeconomics concepts.
  • One of the major drawbacks of the macro approach is that it regards the overall structure as homogenous without caring about their internal composition.

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Advantages of Financial Ratio Analysis

Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help

Financial ratio analysis is a tool used by accountants and managers to simplify the financial statements. Some advantages of financial ratio analysis mentioned in Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help are given below:  –

  • One of the main advantages of financial ratio analysis is that it helps to compare the financial statements of two or more companies.
  • It also helps the company by evaluating the trend analysis of a single company over a specific period of time.
  • It helps in forecasting future business activities and so the management can plan accordingly.
  • Budgeting is one of the main objectives achieved by financial ratio analysis. Financial ratios are used to estimate the company’s budgeted figures.
  • Financial ratio analysis plays a vital role in inter-firm comparison. This comparison is carried out by using different financial ratios.
  • It indicates the overall profitability of the firm and also its ability to meet the short-term and long-term obligations to its investors, creditors, etc.
  • It simplifies the financial statement and makes it easy for the users to understand and grasp the information.

Limitations of Financial Ratio Analysis:

Along with many advantages, there are some limitations of financial ratio analysis. The limitations of financial ratio analysis highlighted in Financial Ratio Analysis Assignment Help are given below: –

  • The limitations in the financial statements often affect the financial ratio analysis and it is one of its major disadvantages.
  • It only explains information regarding the past and users are usually interested to know more about a current and future situation.
  • Companies have their own accounting policies and it might affect the comparison of accounting data and accounting ratios of two or more companies. Accounting policies such as charging depreciation, valuation of inventories, etc. differ from company to company.
  • While computing the financial ratios, an only quantitative analysis is highlighted while the qualitative factors are ignored.

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Why is Business Analytics so Important?

Business Analytics Assignment Help

Business Analytics (BA) focuses on determining new concepts and understanding the performance of business based on the statistical data. Within an organization, business analytics is implemented in all departments, that is, sales and marketing, production and human resource department as well. BA plays a vital role in business as it evaluates all its operations. It includes concepts like predictive and explanatory modeling, numerical analysis, fact-based management, etc. Business Analytics Assignment Help offers assignment help services at a reasonable price. Students looking for help with their assignments can refer our website for unique and high-quality write-ups.

Topics covered under Business Analytics Assignment Help:

Experts at Business Analytics Assignment Help provide assignment help services on each and every topic related to business analytics. Some of the most demanded topics are listed below: –

  • Predictive Analytics- It is a type of business analysis used to predict events that will occur in the future. To know more about business analytics, please refer to our website.
  • Diagnostic Analytics- It is used to find out the reason for which a particular event has occurred in the past. Various techniques such as data mining, data recovery, correlation, and drill-down are involved. It helps to determine the factor or cause that has led to the outcome.
  • Descriptive Analytics- It is the simplest type of analytics that uses methods like max, mean, arithmetic operations, percentage, etc. This method uses techniques like data mining and data aggregation. Descriptive analytics is used to analyze and summarise data with the help of tools like MATLAB, MS Excel, STATA, SPSS, etc.
  • Prescriptive Analytics- It suggests various business outcomes according to the action taken. Predictive analytics also suggests a series of actions required to achieve a particular outcome. This method is used by various recommendation engines.

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Role of Finance within Business

Finance Assignment Help

Finance is the lifeblood of business without which it will starve and die. Finance provides opportunities and allows business to employ local workers, strategic use of financial instruments and to take advantage of opportunities for growth and maximization. The various roles of finance within business discussed in the Finance Assignment Help are given below: –

  • Cash Management- Financial managers must make sure the business has enough liquidity to pay its employee and suppliers on time. If a sufficient amount of cash is not available, then the finance people will follow procedures to make use of the firm’s bank line of credit.
  • Budgeting and strategic planning- budgeting and strategic planning form the basis for marketing campaigns, capital spending, raising capital, hiring employees, etc.
  • Profit planning- we know that the basis of each and every business is to make a profit. And, finance plays a major role in finding different ways to improve profitability in a business.
  • Risk Management- Financial reports provide the managers and owners an overall idea about the direction of currency fluctuations, interest rates, changes in commodity prices, etc. Thus, business owners make use of financial data to take crucial decisions.

Topics covered under Finance Assignment Help:

Finance is one of the toughest disciplines and has many aspects attached to it. As we know finance is a vast course and students have to deal with a lot of after work in terms of homework and assignments. Finance Assignment Help is the one-stop solution for high-quality homework and assignments related to finance. Important topics in finance include bond valuation, cash management, cost of capital, corporate finance, employee benefits, earnings per share, consolidated financial statements, cash conversion cycle, fund flow management, financial statement analysis, etc. Hence, students can avail assignment help facilities by searching over the web.

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Nursing and its characteristics in Present Scenario

Nursing Assignment Help

As we already know nursing is a noble profession and requires strong determination towards the job. Nurses work in medical clinics, hospitals, assist physicians with medical procedures and thus are an important part of a medical team. Some characteristics of nursing discussed in Nursing Assignment Help are given below: –

  • Job Description- The duties of nurses differ according to the job setting. Nurses are needed in hospital 24 hours per day and so they could work day or night. Some nurses work in shifts like four 10-hours or three 12-hours. In a medical clinic, the job of a nurse is to handle intake information for patient appointments, perform vital sign tests, prepare examination rooms for patient appointments and give vaccinations.
  • Educational Qualification Requirement- A person can become a nurse by earning a Bachelor of Science Degree or an Associate Degree in Nursing. Some common nursing courses include pathophysiology, health assessment, pharmacology, progressive nursing practice, mental health, etc. In order to become a licensed nurse, students have to pass the licensure examination following which they will be unable to apply for a state license.
  • Experience- Nurses with seniority have job protection and greater flexibility in work schedule. Nurses with years of experience are first in line for overtime opportunities.

Topics covered under Nursing Assignment Help:

Nursing is one of the toughest disciplines and students require dedicated effort to excel in these subject.  Students with limited knowledge could not comprehend the subject and fail to secure good grades. Nursing Assignment Help is the one-stop solution for high-quality homework and assignments related to nursing. Important topics in nursing include geriatrics, perioperative nursing, palliative care, health diversity, critical care nursing, patient safety, neonatal care nursing, mental health and psychiatric nursing, etc. Hence, students can avail assignment help facilities by searching over the web.

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Characteristics and Features of Nursing

Nursing Assignment Help

Nursing can basically be described as a profession with a lot of compassion. It can be referred to as a job of both art and science that involves both the heart and mind. More data about nursing can be found out in Nursing Assignment Help. There is a difference in each of the nurse’s passions, knowledge, strengths and area of expertise. It is quite a unique experience that a nurse goes through. While attending a patient, the test results are not the only thing that the nurses analyze. Rather they use their judgement to analyze and connect the objective data with the subjective experience.

There are many important characteristics and features of nursing which are given below:

  • Empathy- Hospital is not a happy place and nobody really wishes to be there. So the patients more often than not experience a whole lot of traumatic situations. They get stressed out and at that point of time all they need is someone to empathize and it’s the nurse’s job not to treat them as some sort of burden. A nurse’s job requires her to put herself in the patient’s shoes and provide them with all the emotional and mental support they require.
  • Adaptability- Every day is not the same for a nurse since she has to attend to different kinds of patients’ altogether. And that demands a huge sense of adaptability. A nurse has to be proactive and flexible with her skills. This profession demands the nurses to be ready for all sorts of outcomes and act accordingly.

Areas of Finance in the modern world:

Finance can be referred to as the study of investments that includes the knowledge of both the assets and liabilities. More details can be found out on Finance Assignment Help. This tends to happen under different conditions of uncertainties and risks. Basically, all the money is managed through finance and hence finance is most often called money management.

There are many areas of finance out of which some are enlisted below: –

  • Financial Position- This is in relation to getting the idea of the personal resources that are available by evaluating the net worth and cash flows. Net worth can be referred to as a person’s balance sheet that is calculated by adding all the assets that come under that person’s control and then we subtract this by all the liabilities of the household. The analysis of these parameters allows one to establish personal goals and act accordingly.
  • Adequate protection- This area gives us an idea regarding the protection of a household from unforeseen risks. There are some categories of these kinds of liabilities. These are- liability, property, death, disability, long-term care and health. Out of these liabilities, many are required to purchase an insurance contract. Efficient financial management requires to protect one from these risks and to handle these risks in an efficient manner. Knowledge of market for personal insurance is required which determines the amount of insurance to get.

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